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Martyrs, Kings, and Fathers


Martyrs, Kings, and Fathers: The First 700 Years of Christianity

Working Bibliography (Secondary Sources)

Introduction  (Introduction Powerpoint/PDF)

Session 1 Notes  (Session 1 Powerpoint/PDF)

Session 2 Notes (Session 2 Powerpoint/PDF)

Early Persecutions Notes (Session 2)

Session 3 Notes  (Session 3 Powerpoint/PDF)

Session 4 Notes (Session 4 Powerpoint/PDF)

Session 5 (Formation of the Canon) (Powerpoint/PDF)

Session 6 (Arianism and the First Two Councils/Constantine) (Powerpoint/PDF)

Session 7a (Ephesus and Chalcedon) (Powerpoint/PDF-Includes Monasticism)

Session 7b (Rise of Monasticism) 


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