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This site is dedicated to the following:

1. The defense of the Christian faith as the only true, logical, and coherent worldview that makes sense of the world.

2. The defense of the Judeo-Christian culture and heritage of Western Civilization, and the promotion of this culture.

3. Promotion of a consistent and thoughtful worldview that crosses all disciplines, such as history, music, science, literature, politics, economics, etc…

4.¬† Confronting the “cherished pluralism” and relativism of the current culture, which is a self-defeating and culture-decaying worldview.

While much more could be said, these four objectives should provide ample explanation for the contents found herein.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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  1. Darin says:

    Hi Aron. I just wanted to give you my e-mail address so we can connect via e-mail. Then I can send you some info via e-mail.

    Good site here!


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