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Better Than I Could Say It…

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ImageIf there was ever a quote describing the often bewildering problems Christianity is experiencing in the West, this profound statement from Donald T.  Williams in Touchstone Magazine (Highly Recommended) accomplishes much more than I ever could:

“Faithful Christians with intellectual integrity seem increasingly to find themselves caught between two extremes. On the one hand are Fundamentalists who do not so much claim to have the correct interpretation of Scripture as deny that they are interpreting it at all. On the other hand are Christians influenced by postmodernism, who seem to think that, because everything is interpreted, it is not possible ever to have moral certainty about what the correct interpretation is. To confuse “Thus saith the Lord” with “Thus say I” or to be unable to say “Thus saith the Lord” anymore at all: surely these are not acceptable alternatives. Faithful Christians should steer between them as the Scylla and Charybdis that they are.” – Donald T. Williams, Touchstone Magazine  

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