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A “Scorecard”

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I have been asked several times while teaching church history and leading apologetics as to “who is who” in regards to the Christian teachers of the church.  Because of the sheer volume of names, events, heresies, and the like, this is an understandable question.  In order to help remedy this, I have created a new page of the main teachers/fathers of the church in the first 700 or so years of history that is shared by virtually all of Christendom:

The Fathers of the Church

These are universally admired for the most part across the board, which means Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Lutherans, Anglicans, etc…all view these as authoritative figures in the church, faithfully teaching the Scriptures and the faith passed down from the Apostles.  While individuals may certainly (and do) error from time to time, the consensual approach applies here.  In other words, unlike the modern obsession with innovation, the method of St. Vincent applies, “What was once believed everywhere, always, and by all.”  This page is not meant to be comprehensive, and there will be more details added in the future (such as links to their works and biographies, dates they are honored on the church calendar etc…). Any feedback on this new page is of course quite welcome! 

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