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Even More Ways to Be a Modern Chauvinist

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In our first 20 ways found here, a fairly good list of what one must do to be a true modern chauvinist was arrived at.  In fact, the list is the most popular page on this entire site!  Due to some feedback from readers and people around, this list can be expanded by 5:

21. Make sure you equate traditional Christianity with believing in Bigfoot, space aliens, horoscopes, and pagan mythology.  (Thanks to Nephos for this one).

22.  The idea of universal ethics is outmoded.  These should be adjusted as mankind progresses to a more enlightened global world, because the possibilities are endless.  (Thanks to Youth Reformation)

23. Belief in a created universe automatically equates to “fairy stories” and is the main reason for “scientific illiteracy.”  Naturalism cannot be doubted in any form or in any discipline.  Every person that believes in God is a day’s delay to visiting the planets.

24.  Since outside of scientific naturalism everything else is relative or based on opinion, we need to invent new histories and theologies to better reflect ourselves, and to get rid of anything traditional that stands in our way.  Make sure this is done with the increasing list of post-Marxist group-think, such as “gay theology,” “feminist history,” and the like.  Do not allow traditional westerners to do this unless they express self-hatred first.

25.  All meaning is found in the reader/individual, or sometimes the group.  Therefore this list is only what you want it to be, unless it is reflective of “modern science.”  Then absolute faith is required.

I welcome more contributions (make sure you see the original first)!

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  1. When in an argument appeal to stories, one’s personal feelings, and make sure to label according to number 17. This is to be preferred to logic, reason, and propositions.

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