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Like the previous item outlining the beginnings of a Christian worldview using John of Damascus (and outlined here by this site’s Statement of Faith), it is sometimes worthwhile to remind ourselves that our beliefs and worldviews have consequences, and that some worldviews are simply incompatible with each other.  I have highlighted several news/current events items in order to demonstrate the continuing lack of cultural consensus, and how there really is a “war” or sorts going on, both in the U.S. and throughout the West, especially against orthodox Christians and traditionalists.

“Occupiers” throw condoms at Roman Catholic School girls and Disrupt Pro-Life Rally.

Roman Catholic Bishops Refuse to Comply with Obama Mandate

Washington State Attempts to Redefine Marriage

Stand Up for Traditional Marriage and the Scriptures and you are a “Bully” or “Ignorant”

University Shuts Down Christian Groups as “Discriminatory” for Requiring Leaders to Be Christian.

While I could provide several other examples, it is clear that the current secularist and pluralist worldview is increasingly hostile to the classical Christian faith of the West, and that Christians and traditional-minded Westerners should be prepared for it to continue. Gird Thyself!