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The End?

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Since I just returned from Hawaii last week and am attending my brother’s wedding this week, the posts have been rather light as of late.  However, in light of a recent Sunday School discussion and upcoming series at church, I have provided some reading material for those interested in the End Times part of Christian theology (known as eschatology).  In Classical Christianity, the two views most represented are known as “realized millennialism” (sometimes called amillennialism), and certain forms of “premillennialism.”  According to the theological method of finding classical Christianity (the view held consensual across the different traditions, by believers everywhere), the method “points more toward realized millennialism than its alternatives, but not with much confidence…the already/not yet tension in the texts accounts for much of the potential for diverse interpretation” (Oden, Classic Christianity, 811).  Because of this, and because of popularity of what is known as “dispensationalism” in the United States in particular, I have included some links (and one pdf file) for your perusal, in order to become better acquainted with this line of classical Christian thought.  Note that this does not necessarily imply agreement with every nuance of the articles and sites provided (the different traditions represented should be evidence enough for that), but that this line of thinking should be considered seriously, especially by those who have bought into the “Left Behind” mindset.  Some are a bit long,  and comments are of course welcome!

Lutheran perspective (also introduces the other views as well)

Reformed (Calvinist) series

Eastern Orthodox view

*It also important that from a “mere Christianity” perspective, all orthodox Christians recognize Christ’s second coming, and the final judgement (see the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds).


  1. youthguyerik says:

    Great links on a tough topic. Though, I would argue because it is over sensationalized. Your comments are clever and your links to historic Christianity offer a sober voice in a conversation that is all too dominated by crazy ones….

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    I have recently become Dispensational Premillennial. Would you say it is a fair statement that a lot of American Evangelical scene embraces more of a “pop” Dispensationalism that thinks every headline shows the end is just around the corner more than about the Millennial state itself?

    • I would certainly say that that doesn’t help much. That being said, I still maintain that the “realized millennium” view best reflects the consensual teaching of the church regardless of one’s own tradition. The premillennial views found early on were eventually discredited, and this “historic premillenial” view is very different than the more recent dispensational type.

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