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From the West

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As many of you are aware, I recently moved 1,438 miles to the west in August of this year, and the resulting transition has caused me to neglect this site. So, in the spirit of starting things up again, this will be a sort of numbered update.

New and Upcoming

1. Book reviews.  I plan on adding book reviews and a recommended book section based on subject.  The first few books reviewed will be Timothy Keller’s “The Reason for God,” “Restoration” by D. Thomas Lancaster, and “After Modernity…What?” by Thomas Oden.   I hope to have these up sometime before the new year.

2. Before this site was started, I compiled a list of 10 great advent albums, which can now be found by clicking here.

3. There has been much in the news lately about the difficulties surrounding immigration, both in America and Europe.  For some starter material, see this article in the National Review about California.  Since this site is dedicated to the Judeo-Christian and classical west, a more detailed post on this issue will be forthcoming.


1. My Bachelor’s in Music History and Literature is paying off, as I am now playing 3rd horn and assistant principal in the Idaho State Civic Symphony, along with accompanying instrumentalists at the local state college here.   This along with some miscellaneous subbing in the local school district has allowed me to “be my own boss” while I finish my Master’s degree.

2. I am currently two classes away from my Master’s in Theology.  This should be completed by March, 2011.

3. I have floated the idea of a “Western Worldview Institute” locally with some interest from local churches and individuals. This would be a sort of educational and outreach organization that would have similar goals as this site does.

4. I must recognize my friend Nick Ade’s blog here. He is excellent at pointing out some of the fallacies exhibited in modern socio-economic discourse, and the “zeitgeist” of the times in general.

I welcome any comments or suggestions as this site starts rolling again!

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