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Sick on Health…

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Since there is already an ample amount of material available on the web both pro and con involving the new American healthcare legislation, I will link to a couple of  articles that demonstrate my concerns and rough position that I hold on this issue.  It should be noted however, that I find most people on both sides of the debate do genuinely want to help people, with the disagreement coming on how to best accomplish this, especially in the political and economic climate of the day.   The first article is by  economist Walter Williams at George Mason University, and speaks to my general concerns on the issue of government provided welfare in general:
Evil Concealed by Money

Next, the following 20 items found in this article demonstrate the limitations and interference this legislation provides:
20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms

Let it not be said that I believe there are not problems with the current situation, but the reasoning behind this “reform” seems to be fundamentally flawed.  I welcome any comments.

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