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Divorce among Christians

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Many who have affirmed the traditional view of marriage have often received a rebuke along the lines of, “Oh yeah? Christians get divorced at the same rate as unbelievers. Fix that first if you like marriage so much.” While one divorce between two believers is one to many, it turns out that this argument is based on a fallacious reading of the data, and a very good article demonstrating this can be found in this article at the Sapphire Sky blog called, “Christian Divorce Rates.” Like the Crusades posting below, any possible form of argument or stat that can be hurled at Christians and the Christian west is used without second thought by “progressives,” hoping that hurling enough mud will cause something to stick. And like the previous post, even if a high divorce rate among committed Christians was true, it would only point to the sinfulness of man, not to the veracity of traditional, one man and one woman marriage. Using this argument against the Christian worldview is either an argument by outrage or an attempt at shifting the burden of proof.


  1. Andrew Hayes says:

    Perhaps, perhaps not. All generations have their blind-spots and this could be ours. I’m not so inclined to dismiss it because it is a serious problem in our churches. As a youth pastor, at least half of my youth come from broken homes.

  2. Andrew Hayes says:

    However, stats are fickle and can usually be used to propagate one’s opinion or used in support of it. I don’t put much stock in stats because one can always find one somewhere that makes an “opinion” a “fact”.

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