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The Manhattan Declaration

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Released in November of 2009, the Manhattan Declaration calls for Christians to join together in supporting the following:

1. The Sanctity of Life

2. Traditional Marriage

3. Religious Liberty

The document now has over 400,000 signatures including:

The Presidents of Wheaton College, Calvin College, Gordon College, Southeastern Baptist, Southern Baptist, Houston Baptist, Patrick Henry College, Westminster Theological, Dallas Theological, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological, Trinity International, Covenant College, St. Vincent College, and Southern Evangelical Seminary (There are many more)

52 Catholic Bishops or Archbishops

The Primates of the Orthodox Church in America,  Anglican Church of Nigeria, and Anglican Church in North America

Evangelical and Protestant Leaders such as Chuck Colson, Ravi Zacharias, Josh McDowell, Jonathan Falwell, J.I Packer, Thomas Oden, Gary Bauer, Jim Daly, James Dobson, Wayne Grudem, and Albert Mohler.

I strongly urge all Christians to sign this historic document, and take a stand for the values of Christianity and the heritage of the Christian west.

Sign Here

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